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Welcome to my blog on the official release of U2 LaserDisc.
After a time collecting information about this format, I present this blog.

There are about 30 laserdisc, but there may be some more.
If you has someone who’s not on this blog, please contact me to add it (u2kite@gmail.com).

You can leave your comments here.

Thanks for visiting.


The U2 Laserdisc Colletion.

  • Under a Blood Red Sky  (6)
  • Unforgettable Fire Collection  (4)
  • Rattle and Hum  (7)
  • Achtung Baby  (6)
  • Zoo Tv Tour – Live From Sydney  (5)
  • The Joshua Tree  (1)
  • The Best of 1980-1990  (1)